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Fitness benefits

I believe everyone knows that fitness is good for us, so what are the specific benefits?Today I will share with you the specific benefits of fitness: Fitness can improve the function of the heart and lungs Can improve insulin resistance,reduce the incidence of diabetes Can reduce weight and body fat It can improve the strength of the bones and make the bones stronger Share it here today,you are welcome to consult us if you have any questions~

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Common fitness equipment

Today I will share with you common home fitness equipment and usage methods1.Yoga mat When doing fitness without equipment, most movements need to be done on a yoga mat. It is recommended to choose a better yoga mat.2.Foam rollerUsed for body relaxation and thin legs.The foam roller is also an essential equipment for home fitness, and the relaxation time after exercise is also very important.3.Resistance bandOften used for anaerobic training, a must-have good thing for people who are inconvenient to go to fitness.Can exercise well to the back, shoulders, arms and other positions Hope this information is helpful to you~ You can also contact us if you have other questions!!!

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Abdominal Fitness

Abdominal fitness has always been one of the favorite items of many people. The strong abdominal muscles are very popular with everyone. If you want to exercise for the abdominal muscles, the abdominal roller is a very good choice. For beginners, it is recommended to choose some rollers with wide wheels to use . Larger wheels provide better balance and better control of your exercise intensity~ I hope everyone can achieve the fitness effect they want~~~

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Exercise At Home

The spread of the epidemic requires us to go out and gather less, so the places and methods of exercise must be changed.At this time, home fitness has become a better choice for us.Celebrities often share their home fitness routines, and the maintenance of their good figure has a lot to do with the way of home fitness! Yoga mats have always been the first choice for many people's home fitness~ Easy to carry and easy to clean at the same time!

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About Exercise

Every time I finish aerobic exercise, I don't have the strength to do strength training,So I will do aerobic exercise on the first day, I will use the exercise bike for an hour of exercise, and then run on the road for an hour.Compared to a treadmill, I would prefer to run on the road near home, then take a walk home, and finally do some stretching exercises.This exercise mode makes my body better and better, and I am more satisfied with my figure. I often use the resistance band with less elasticity to stretch on the yoga mat, because the yoga mat and the resistance band are easy to clean~Sometimes I also go swimming or climbing to replace my...

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