About Exercise

Every time I finish aerobic exercise, I don't have the strength to do strength training,So I will do aerobic exercise on the first day, I will use the exercise bike for an hour of exercise, and then run on the road for an hour.Compared to a treadmill, I would prefer to run on the road near home, then take a walk home, and finally do some stretching exercises.This exercise mode makes my body better and better, and I am more satisfied with my figure.

I often use the resistance band with less elasticity to stretch on the yoga mat, because the yoga mat and the resistance band are easy to clean~Sometimes I also go swimming or climbing to replace my aerobic exercise.

On the second day of strength training, I will use dumbbells to perform curls, front horizontal lifts, side horizontal lifts, etc. These movements can effectively exercise the muscles of my arms and back.

Recently I started with adjustable dumbbells so that I can adjust the weight more conveniently to approach my limit. Sometimes a resistance band can also be used instead of dumbbell curls.

I also do a few sets of push-ups and abdomen wheels to exercise my abdomen. Of course, I also do some abdominal crunches and other abdominal exercises on the yoga mat.Finally, you still have to do stretching or massage the part you exercise~

Of course, I will also control my diet, maintain nutrition and at the same time control food calories.

As a novice I guess I will make a lot of mistakes, I will slowly discover and improve on the way to exercise~~