Beach Summer And Hot Girl~~

Share with you some of the beaches and experience you have recently visited.

Friday Beach, Boracay, Philippines.It’s the softest beach I’ve ever been to. The sand like milky white milk powder is really attractive!Stepping barefoot on the beach is like a massage~The sea is also very clear, but there are some green moss on the shore, I don’t know if it has been cleaned up recently.You can watch fireworks on the sea at night, and it’s very romantic to walk on the beach in a wide angle~

Saipan Warship Beach,The sea water is very clear, the color has at least five levels, and the sand is very soft. If the sun is shining when you go, it will be very effective to take pictures with sunglasses~Will make you remember it!

PP Island Beach in Thailand.The color of the sea is beautiful, and the beach is also very good. It can be regarded as one of the best beaches in Thailand.Be sure to watch the weather before you go. When the weather is good, it's super beautiful whether you are watching the scenery or taking pictures!On the beach, the bikini hat and sunglasses are the best match~

You must pay attention to sun protection when you go to the beach to prevent skin injury. It is necessary to use sunscreen clothing, hats with wide brims, sunglasses and sunscreen.

Below are the photos we took while playing